Fowler rejects Blackpool offer

fowler 150x119 Fowler rejects Blackpool offerAny chance of Robbie Fowler returning to Championship football with Blackpool Town appears to be scuppered as details of the derisory contract on offer have been leaked.

Fowler, 36, a former England international who played for Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester City before playing in Australia and Thailand, was offered just £90 per week to play for Blackpool.

Fowler could supplement his £90 a week basic wage by earning £5,000 in appearance bonuses , but these required him to play 90 and were not cumulative (i.e. he had to start and finish a match in order to qualify for the bonus).

Sceptics out there would argue that Fowler, a man who has made vast riches from football and who has been famously astute with his money could agree to the deal, even though more favourable terms may be on offer elsewhere, if he was that keen to get back to playing football. However, Fowler is not interested in joining Blackpool on such terms and any chance of a deal appears to be dead.

Hull City were also rumoured to be interested in making a move for Fowler, but his former Liverpool teammate who is now Hull manager, Nick Barmby, has squashed rumours by confirming that he has no plans to add to his current squad.

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